About Us

“National Environment & Education Development" NEED (Means Community welfare organization) is a well known organization in the Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is a symbol of Environmental Protection, Development of the Education, compassionate response to the terrible living conditions of the disadvantaged population of Vizianagaram District., in the absence of basic services of qualitative education and health care, adequate employment and food security, effective governance and empowerment, resulting into the low social, economic and political status.  

The organization is involved in various socio-economic development programmes such as Child Labour Rehabilitation, Eye Care Services, Income Generating Programmes, Promotion of Self Help Groups and other Community based organizations, People's Institutions, Savings and Credit, Community Based Rehabilitation of the Differently Abled, Safe Drinking Water, Health and Sanitation, Agriculture, Livelihoods, Policy Advocacy on Child Rights, Child Sponsorship, Non-Formal and Supplementary Education such as Non-Residential Bridge schools and  Bridge Schools and Inclusive Education, HIV/AIDS, Disability Activities ,Skill Development etc.


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The NEED organization seeks to build progressive self-reliant rural communities, with a holistic approach, by providing services in the areas of healthcare, environment, sanitation, primary education, adult literacy and skills development. The organization currently works to transform in 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh.
To create a platform for sustainable rural transformation.

NEED is a non-profit, voluntary development organization established in 1992 under the leadership of Mr. P.Venugopala Rao, a committed social worker of repute. Its target community is constituted of Tribal, Dalits and marginalized population of Salur, Pachipenta, Makkuva, Ramabhadrapuram and some other mandals of Vizianagaram District. 


    The organization of the universal brotherhood of mankind and concern and love for the underprivileged and down trodden. In furtherance of this object the center will organize, establish, consolidate, maintain, support and encourage all charitable and uplifting activities of a comprehensive nature is any field of human enterprises, more particularly in the fields of human enterprises, agriculture, education, health, animal husbandry, protect and handicap people, prohibited to the child labour, assistance to the self employment schemes, see the welfare of the query labor, protect the environmental services housing and cottage industries etc., with an emphasis on environmental balance. 

⦁    Children’s, women’s welfare and irrigation development aspects and up lift the handicapped peoples. 

⦁    To support Deprived hill area tribal’s development

⦁    To organize Workshops on HIV/AIDS, TB and other communicable and non communicable diseases

⦁    To create qualitative and quantities changes in the socio-economic life of the target community, especially women and children.

⦁    To provide livelihood opportunities for the fulfillment of basic needs such as food, shelter, health and education to all.

⦁    To protect and promote human rights especially that of women and children.

⦁    To create leadership among the tribal and rural mass to lead their own communities

⦁    To support alliance building, lobby and policy advocacy.

⦁    To take pleasure in sound and sustainable management of environment and forest.

⦁    To work on Disaster Management, Climate Change.

⦁    To ensure quality education and health care for all the children who are socially and economically disadvantaged, through the Government and Non-Governmental supporting programs.


Adopted Smart Village: This organization adopted Padmapuram village in Pachipenta Mandal, of 
Vizianagaram Dist, AP, INDIA, from date 29.01.2015