Covid 19 Relief Activities

In response to the rising severity and impact of the coronavirus outbreak, NEED organisation has initiated impactful activities aimed at providing safety and relief to individuals and communities.

NEED  is collaborating with the Government to prepare and distribute nutritious meals to all front line professionals covering doctors, nurses, government officials, policemen, etc. who are relentlessly serving the nation to combat this crisis.

Additionally, Ration kits will be distributed to daily wage earners, who are unable to sustain normal life on account of the current situation.

Health Safety equipment and supplies will be distributed to medical and paramedical professionals in nominated hospitals to ensure their safety and to prevent further transmission of infections.

The Animal Care team will also provide food to stray animals during this crisis.

During these times, we pray for the safety and recovery of all, and may we undertake all precautions necessary to ensure the health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones.